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KDV Process KDV Process The KDV principle  
KDV Technology KDV Technology The KDV process (catalytic low pressure depolymerisation) converts input material containing hydrocarbons (for example all kinds of waste,...
Input Input under construction
Product Product High quality synthetic fuels such as diesel, petrol and jet fuel.
Advantages Advantages Advantages of the KDV process  The highest energy efficiency (up to 80%)No gas emissions Neutral CO2 balance by using of biomass L...
KDV Plants KDV Plants   KDV 150 (150 l/h), KDV 250 (250 l/h) KDV 1000 (1000 l/h) KDV 5000 (5000l/h)
Catalyst Catalyst Catalyst: crystalline sodium aluminium silicate The composition of the catalyst ist worldwide patented.
Turbine Turbine The reaction turbine generates the process heat needed for the inner process. The turbine is worldwide patented.